Vicki Belo Has Master Copy of Hayden Kho Sex Videos-Eric Chua

Vicki Belo is the one who has the master copy of Hayden Kho’s sex videos. This according to Eric Johnston Chua in a recent TV interview, refuting reports that it is in his possession.

vicki_belo_eric_johnston_chua1 Eric Chua and Vicki Belo

He gave out his version of his involvement in seizing Kho’s hard drive weeks after Belo admitted that she had asked Chua to take it from his (Kho) condo. According to Belo, she asked him to go to Kho’s condo and retrieve his hard drive and laptop upon learning of the said sex videos. Belo even said she furnished him with a key to the condo. Belo said that the hard drive and laptop was then surrendered to her by Chua, after which, he (Chua) gave her a dvd and said something like “Heto, regalo ko sa’yo ( Here, my gift to you).” It was implied in her statement that it was a copy of Kho’s sex Videos.

Some of Belo’s statements are correct, according to Chua based on his interview. He admitted that Belo did ask him to retrieve the laptop and hard drive at Kho’s condo, He also admitted that Belo did indeed furnish him the key to the condo, adding that Belo said it was okay to take the said items because they are property of the Belo Medical Clinic. But, it was Belo who asked him to make a dvd copy of the videos, not the othere way arround, as what is implied in Belo’s statement.

According to Chua, after surrendering the items to Belo, she gave him a blank DVD and ordered him to look for the videos, burn them on the DVD, and then delete them. He says after he finished what Belo ordered him to do, he turned over the DVD to the doctor and left. He claims that was the extent of his involvement.

Eric Johnston Chua is the leading suspect in leaking Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili’s sex video on the internet. After the interview, would the attention now shift to Vicki Belo?

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