The supernatural beings of True Blood

True BloodFew TV shows have given the public image of vampires as much of a boost as True Blood.

This exciting and original show has a dedicated cult following, with its cast, storylines and characters big talking points across the web.

So if you’ve just discovered this future classic and are still trying to work your way around the legion of mythical creatures, here’s a quick guide to help you tell your vampires from your werewolves.


As the main focus for this True Blood HBO series, we should of course begin our look at the mythical creatures of with the vampires.

Attempting to integrate into human society, the vampires have been freed from the need to feed on living flesh by the invention of a synthetic – or ‘true’ – blood. This has allowed them to shun their violent ways in favour of coexistence and cooperation.

Powers include the ability to fly, to put people in a trance and to live for a really long time. However they can be killed with a stake through the heart, be bled to death or be rendered safe by decapitation. 


Unlike vampires who remain vampiric no matter what happens, werewolves can shape shift from human to beast at will (although they always shift on full moon nights). Also unlike vampires, werewolves are born with their powers from two were-parents.

With a pack mentality and a lust for the hunt, werewolves can be a dangerous foe, however as they can be finished off with a simple gunshot they perhaps present a slightly less permanent danger.


As pioneers of beauty and consciousness, the fairies live literally on another plane, removed from the human and vampire world. Forced into this other world after the vampires almost drank them to extinction, the fairy queen is attempting to bring all fairies back into the other dimension and close the portal forever for safe keeping. 


More human than most of the other mythical creatures, the witches are essentially wiccans who can use their powers for good or evil depending on preference. The ability to be a witch is often passed down through families, although some people may be able to harness their inner power.

Like many other fantasy TV series, True Blood provides viewers with escapism and imagination, with its well-thought out world packed full of adventure, excitement and possibility. 

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