Syesha Mercado Updates

Syesha Mercado before getting voted off American Idol found herself among the bottom of the vote getters for a total of five times but even this hasn’t crushed her spirit or tainted her enthusiasm.

Syesha Updates
Syesha Updates

Mercado told people that her drive is to constantly do better than her last performance and she wants to perfectly combine hard work with her drive all throughout the American Idol singing competition. She also adds that she simply enjoys herself more each and every week.

She further adds that she has been able to separate the fine line that exists between overworking and doing so much that a person becomes unfocused and doesn’t enjoy his or her performance. Her goal every week thus was to be purely satisfied after the completion of every show.

She says that she primarily focuses on her own performance after each show and gives the enjoyment factor the main priority. She feels that unless a performer is fully enjoying his/her performance, he or she would never be able to give out the best.

Mercado also later added that learning how to balance that aforementioned “fine line” of “overworking” and “just doing what one needs to do while purely trusting yourself” was indeed a very valuable lesson.

This was a pretty much wise and mature thing to learn and Mercado is really glad that she was finally able to recognize this factor right in time and thus nothing could spoil her experience. She also hopes that if other performers get the hang of it, they would also become better in their chosen genres of performing arts.

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