Sugarfree’s 10th Year Anniversary Held at Music Museum


The band that brought us melodramatic lyrics and melodies, Sugarfree, has recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary as a band through their 2-night concert at the Music Museum called Dekada. Fans and supporters of the band watched the concert as they performed their hits throughout the years such as “Telepono”, “Hari ng Sablay”, “Burnout”, “Makita Kang Muli”, “Huwag Ka ng Umiyak” and many others. They were accompanied by the Manila Symphony Orchestra which brought more drama to their performance. Yours truly watched the first night of the concert (August 28, Friday) and it was a different way of seeing the band aside from their usual bar gigs. The band wanted to have a more intimate approach and I believe that they were able to achieve that.

Sugarfree has just released a new album entitled “Mornings and Airports” and is already available through major record stores.

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