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Simon Doesn’t Really Care About Megan Joy Corkerey


Simon Cowell doesn’t really care about Megan Joy Corkerey. The American Idol Judge said so at last week’s result’s night, where Megan Joy was up for elimination. The comment came from Megan’s answer when Host Ryan Seacrest asked her what she thought about Cowell’s comments from the previous night. Corkerey answered ” I love you , Simon, but frankly, I don’t care.”

The results show opened with a production number by the Amercian Idol Top 9 after which a video montage was shown. The video showed what the Top 9 did on a daily basis. From being on the idol stage, rehearsing; to photo shoots and press conferences. In a segment in the video, Matt Giraud did an impersonation of Danny Gokey.

Back on the stage, Ryan Seacrest asked Danny Gokey to do an impersonation of Matt Giraud, much to the delight of the audience. Seacrest then Asked Anoop Desai to do an impersonation of Kris Allen, and Allison Iraheta was also asked to impersonate Gokey.

With the mood slightly lightened, Seacrest started to read out the results. All nine contestants where grouped into three.  He called Megan Corkerey, Matt Giraud, and Kris Allen, and asked them to stand at the far left of the stage. Adam Lambert, Li’l Rounds, and Allison Iraheta make up the 2nd group. They were asked to stay at the center. Scott Mcintyre, Danny Gokey, and Anoop Desai make up the 3rd group. They were asked to stand on the right side of the stage.

Ryan Seacrest cues for a commercial and when Idol returned, reigning American idol David Cook performed his latest single “Come Back To Me.” After his performance, Cook talked about his Idol experience and future plans.

Cook was also awarded on the American Idol stage with a Platinum award by his record company RCA records and 19 Entertainment. His album went platinum after just 3 months of being released.

Going back to the results, Ryan Seacrest started with Kris Allen. He is safe. So is Matt Giraud, who thought he was in the bottom 3 again and started to go to the stools. But Seacrest told him to sit on the couch. Which leaves Megan who was sent to the stools to be in the Bottom 3.

Onto Group 2, Lil Rounds and Adam Lambert are both safe which mean tAllison Iraheta joined Megan in the bottom 3.  Group 3’s Danny Gokey, who Simon praised at the performance night, was also safe. Scott Mcintyre was also safe. Simon and Randy both raved about his performance and agreed it was one of the best that night. Rounding up the Bottom 3 was Anoop Desai, who’s performance the night before Simon Cowell likened to ” a college boy wanting to be a popstar…. and failing.”

lady gaga

Pop diva Lady Gaga performed her hit “Poker Face” when the show returned.  The stage was all decked out and Lady gaga was in full costume as she started her performance by playing an acrylic see though piano filled with white balls.

After her performance, Ryan Seacrest asked Simon Cowell how many he thinks are worht saving in the Bottom 3. To which Cowell replied point-blank “One.”

To move things along, Allison was sent back to sit with the others because she was safe that week.  Anoop was also sent back which left Megan to ask for the Judge’s Save or face elimination.  Ryan Seacrest asked Simon “Will you be using the Judges Save tonight?” “No” was Cowell’s answer.

Simon said “With all due respect Megan to what you said earlier, we don’t care either.”

After singing her swan song, a teary eyed Megan Joy Corkerey closed the show by saying, “Bay, I’m coming home. I’m coming home.”

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