Sanjaya Malakar : American Idol Finalist Tells All in New Book

Former ‘American Idol’ finalist Sanjaya Malakar releases “tell-all” book which is slated to hit bookstands on January 20,2009.

Sanjaya's New Book
Sanjaya's New Book

Sanjaya is best known for his impressive hairstyles and screaming young fans also known as Fanjayas, Sanjaya Malakar quickly became a popular american idol contestant and “the people’s idol.”

His unique style and ingenious song selections made him a media fixture and led to a huge and devoted fanbase that still remains today. Malakar finished seventh on American Idol’s 2006 season.

Whether attending a dinner at the White House or being the subject of parody on Saturday Night Live, Sanjaya has captured national attention in a way that far exceeds that of most ordinary suburban teenagers– now, Sanjaya sets the record straight.

Sanjaya treats readers to a behind-the-scenes look at his unlikely rise to fame on one of the biggest shows on television. Among his revelations:

  • a step-by-step recount of his audition process and week-by-week analysis of his time on the show
  • pointers and inspiration from musical mentors Diana Ross and Jennifer Lopez
  • the ponyhawk: did consecutive ponytails save him from elimination?
  • “J” the anti-fan who went on a sixteen day hunger strike to vote Sanjaya off
  • Ashley Ferl: why she couldn’t stop crying during Sanjaya’s performances

In addition to his Dancing to the Music in My Head: Memoirs of the People’s Idol book, Malakar is also releasing a five-track EP of the same name on January 20 to coincide with the memoir.

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