Salma Hayek still acting thanks to Oliver Stone

Salma Hayek is only still acting thanks to Oliver Stone as she admits being fed up with the profession until he offered her a part in his crime thriller ‘Savages’.

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

The 45-year-old star was fed up with the profession and didn’t take it “seriously” until the director offered her a part in his crime thriller ‘Savages’ – in which she plays cartel leader Elena – and the brunette beauty admits she would have taken any role on as long as he was helming the project.

She said: “Roles like Elena don’t come along frequently. I didn’t want to do another movie to be honest. François [Henri Pinault, Hayek’s husband] convinced me of that. Actually I quit acting.

“If at all I just wanted to do it for fun. I didn’t take it that seriously anymore. And then he [Stone] came. To be honest even if I didn’t like the part I still would have said yes just to work with Oliver.”

While Salma is now delighted that she chose to return to acting in ‘Savages’, she admits her career isn’t as important to her as her husband and four-year-old daughter Valentina.

She added to German Vogue magazine: “I am proud to have been involved in this film with all these great actors. Honestly, I hardly had any memories of what it is like to be Mexican.

“My life is completely different now. My career isn’t as important to me anymore as other things that I’ve achieved. If someone said I could be the most famous and best paid actress in exchange for my current life – I wouldn’t do it.

“My life with my daughter Valentina and my husband is amazing now. By the way, it’s easier to get an Oscar than a good husband.”

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