Ruffa Gutierrez Show “Rude” Behavior on Her Twitter Followers


Ruffa Gutierrez followers in Twitter were shocked at this kind of behaviour Ruffa showed them. It started with Ruffa tweeting about the ending of the movie “In My Life”. Then some followers of her didn’t appreciate it because obviously, the film wasn’t shown in the cinemas yet. Some felt it was so inconsiderate of her to do that which I believe caused the Twitmob against her. Ruffa received negative reactions through her Twitter and as a retraction, she privately messaged these individuals. Here are some of the screenshots of the direct messages of Ruffa.


One twitpic made me curious because it seemed that it wasn’t Ruffa who was tweeting after all. One direct message said that Ruffa has assistants who tweet in behalf of her. So if that’s the case, probably it was the assistants who revealed the ending of “In My Life”?

twitpic 3

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