Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi : Who is better?

Who's Better?
Who's Better?

Kara DioGaurdi, Grammy nominated songwriter has been added as the fourth judge on American Idol shows.

Rumor has it that this change was made to follow the format of ‘Pop Idol’ the original show of which American Idol has been a spin off.

While Paula sounds enthusiastic about the entrance of a fourth judge on the show, the public opinion seems to be divided. On one hand Kara has had a long history of writing songs for a number of American Idol contestants in the past and has been very involved with Christina Aguilera’s ‘Back to Basics’, Hilary Duff’s ‘Dignity’ album and Ashlee Simpson’s ‘I Am Me’ and ‘Autobiography’.

On the other hand, Paula has a history of playing the ‘good cop’ on the show and is well liked by the general audience.

Paula is known to be far more supportive of American idol contestants than the other two judges and is often the voice of reason when analyzing a contestant’s performance. In fact, in the past, Paula has been of great help to Kara herself. Paula was instrumental in writing Kara’s first international hit number and Kara feels indebted to her.

Paula is also excited about another girl joining the panel of judges as she always though the previous configuration was very male oriented. She welcomes the opportunity to share the excitement with another girl.

Considering that season 8 of the American Idol has just begun, it is probably too early to know the fate of Kara on the show. Currently she is well liked by the audience and seems to be gaining popularity over time.

However, there are those members of the audience who feel that the show was perfect the way it was and that there was no need to change the format and bring in an additional judge.

What do you think?

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