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Miss Universe 2010 – Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj in Evening Gown

Miss Philippines Venus Raj was able to prove that she can make rugs look beautiful in the Miss Universe Evening Gown Preliminaries.

best in long gown miss universe 2010
Maria Venus Raj, Miss Philippines 2010, poses for the judges in an evening gown of her choice during the 2010 Miss Universe Presentation Show at Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday, August 19, 2010. The Miss Universe 2010 competition that will air live on the NBC Television Network at 9 PM ET, August 23, 2010. ho/Miss Universe Organization LP., LLLP

Philippines has so many young and talented fashion designers who can design and create great evening gowns for Philippine Deligates to the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant but Stella Araneta opted to hire Alfredo Barazza – a fashion designer to provide not so beautiful gowns from Colombia.

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  1. the bow detail reminds me of Pamela Bianca’s gown last year– was it from the same designer…Its a good thing that Venus has the grace to talent to divert the attention to her amazing beauty away from this mediocre gown…sayang hindi marunong magtiwala si Araneta sa mga talented designers ng sad

  2. dapat di na si araneta ang mamahala… bat xa p n colombian… dapat pinoy na… dami namang magagaling na pinoy…. para pinoy na rin ang designer… araneta and barraza are colombians… somehow bias din sila sa mga latina… tsk tsk…

  3. old fashion ang gus2 ni araneta….if colombian cya…well dapat palitan cya ng Pilipino talaga….ang dming magagaling na pinoy designer.. magtiwala dapat cya..

  4. Yeah thats true! many contestants from the Miss Universe Pageants in the past have commented that Philippine Delegates to the Miss Universe Pageant have been wearing outdated gowns! Miss Japan 2005 has commented that she pitied Miss Phils 2005 because she had a lousy gown, so 80’s she quipped! See? what is Stella Araneta doing? thats so embarrassing!! This is the new millenium! New Generation! parang gaga tong si stella talaga no? Agree ba kayo dito mga fans???

  5. the gown looks so nothing…i design gowns and i know i could have done better than that,haha, but i guess michael cinco, a filipino designer based on dubai, the designer of bea alonzo’s gown in mag.karibal, remember the red finale dress worn by bea. He can do so much better….i mean the best, sadly araneta is so damn old fashioned….look at the gown ….looks like a foil…

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