Marian Rivera and Her Maldita Moments Again


Rumors of Marian Rivera being a “maldita” still wouldn’t stop. There are stories again of her alleged bad behavior. These instances happened during the taping of Darna in Bulacan. Marian got so disappointed with the muddy location and said  “Di ba sinabi ko sa inyo na ayaw ko nang maputik?” A staff member carried her and brought her to a cleaner ground.

Another instance was again during the taping of Darna. She arrived at the set and said these words out loud “dumating na ang reyna na walang bulaklak sa tenga”. Many were surprised upon hearing this and have inferred that she was referring to Carla Abellana who is currently portraying Rosalinda. It was rumoured that Marian refuses to share a dressing room with her. We don’t know what the fuzz is about but bottomline is that she allegedly hates Carla Abellana.

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