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Maria Venus Raj in Swimsuit during the Miss Universe 2010 Preliminary Competition

Two more days and the new Miss Universe 2010 will be crowned and one of the top bets to win in this year’s competition is the beautiful Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj.

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Miss Universe 2010 : Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj in Swimsuit

After the release of her Fadil Berisha Miss Universe 2010 Swimsuit Glam Shot and official swimsuit photos, most pageant fanatics all over the world was convinced that Venus is indeed one of the sexiest among this years contestants.

With unbelievable 22-inch waistline, will Maria Venus Raj end the 11-year drought of the Philippines in Miss Universe Pageant?.

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  1. Apparently, Mrs. Stella Araneta and BPCI were merely being managerial, not hypocritical about Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2010 Maria Venus Raj’s complicated origins, when they dethroned her. Philippine law requires births to be reported to Government, inside territory (nearest Local Civil Registrar’s Office) or outside territory (nearest Philippine Consulate/Embassy) within 1 month of occurrence. Late-registration renders a BirthCert open to suspicion as fraudulent, as in the case of Maria Venus Raj. Be that as it may, the lady is a Filipino national by principle of “jus sanguini” because her biological mother is a Filipino – notwithstanding that her biological father is Indian and that she was actually born in Doha, Qatar. The problem is, a late-registered BirthCert makes passport application at the Department of Foreign Affairs complicated and U.S. Visa application at Embassy Manila near impossible. Now if there’s no passport nor visa, how indeed to get to Las Vegas and compete?

    Unfortunately during the pageant’s final competition, poll and audience favorite Venus Raj subconsciously thought out her answer to William Baldwin in native language (Iriga Bikolano or Rinconada), and then articulated it in second language (English). Psycholinguists will confirm that a non-native speaker, even if intermediate level in learning achievement, may hardly be able to respond with spontaneous eloquence in second language within a fleeting time-sensitive instance at a public stage event. The hard lesson learned here is that, even if a Philippine beauty candidate can speak English, she should opt to avail of interpreter service, as how English-speaking Miss Mexico did. After all, Miss Universe is not an English public speaking contest — it is an international beauty competition!

    Still, making it to Top 5 in hand-me-down gowns was no minor, minor feat. So here’s my sincere “MAJOR, MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS TO MISS RAJ!”

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