Marc Abaya Allegedly Ruined Maegan Aguilar’s Marriage


Marc Abaya, vocalist of rock group Kjwan, is being accused of allegedly ruining Maegan Aguilar’s marriage. A Marc Abaya hate blog was made specifically to air out the side of Maegan Aguilar (although it’s not yet confirmed if it is Maegan herself who wrote that blogpost).

According to the blog, they became close friends and even had frequent exchange of SMS and Facebook messages between the two. Suddenly, Marc stopped communicating with Maegan. One day, Marc added her husband Shawn Eicholz (who is based in the US) in Facebook. Marc allegedly sent the email communication between his wife and him to Shawn. We don’t know what he emails contained but that led Shawn to end his relationship with his wife.

Comments in the blogpost seemed to backfire against Maegan. Sure thing is that Maegan Aguilar is furious of Marc Abaya if you can look at her Friendster profile.

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