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LOOK: Isabelle Daza impersonates her Mom, Gloria Diaz

Isabelle Daza impersonates Gloria Diaz’ Miss Universe 1969 winning look

Isabelle Daza was the big surprise of the night on Tim Yap’s 40th birthday celebration with the theme of Miss Universe.

When your mom is iconic enough to be a costume. Thanks for the crown. This was the caption on Isabelle Daza’s Instagram post of her dressing as her Mom, Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1969.

Isabelle Daza impersonates Glora Diaz
Isabelle Daza impersonates Glora Diaz

Isabelle decided to come to the party dressed up as Miss Universe 1969 and it truly got everyone’s heads turning. The replication was a complete success. She even had the Miss Universe crown and sash, and also a replica of the bathing suit worn by her mom, and the makeup and hair too!

When Isabelle posted the black and white photo was posted on her account, some were even wondering if whether or not it was her or her mom back in 1969.

Isabelle Daza in her Glora Diaz Look
Isabelle Daza in her Glora Diaz Look

Gloria Diaz also attended the event which made the resemblance even more obvious for those who were present at the pretty. The beauty runs in their veins. Isabelle Daza showing that she got it from her mama.

She also thanked her glam team in the caption of the photo for making this look possible. Her makeup artist Anthea Bueno, stylist Liz Uy and hairstylist Nantey West truly did a great job in making the perfect replica of Gloria Diaz in 1969 as Miss Universe.

During the awarding ceremony for best costume at the party, Isabelle Daza also decided to reenact her mom’s reaction when she was announced the winner at the coronation night nearly 40 years ago. Isabelle had won the best in costume award making her the winner of the prize of a trip to Europe.

Gloria Diaz and Isabelle Daza
Gloria Diaz and Isabelle Daza

Another photo posted by Isabelle with some of the finalists in Tim’s party. The celebrity guests in the photo are Lovi Poe, Chris Johnson, Rajo Laurel, Adrien Semblat and Cristalle Belo.

The MissPhilippines fan-made Instagram account created and posted two photos of a collage of a side by side picture of Isabelle’s Instagram post and a picture of Gloria when she was crowned as Miss Universe 1969.

Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz
Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz

Even if Isabelle took a different path from her mom’s, in previous interviews with her that were done years back, she has mentioned how she does entertain the idea of joining Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant. But Gloria, being a protective mom, told her that “If you want a crown, wear mine” And she finally did.

Gloria Diaz in her Miss Universe 1969 winning look
Gloria Diaz in her Miss Universe 1969 winning look

Her mother, Gloria Diaz, is one of the 3 Filipinas who has been crowned with the Miss Universe titles. And recently, her mom has also been all over the news and different social media sites because of a statement she said during an interview regarding Maxine Medina’s chance to give the Filipinos a back-to-back win.

She explained that by “one in a million” chance was not intend to imply that she had zero chances of winning but it actually meant how there would be a lot of negative reactions that would be received if she did win, given that the Philippines is the venue of this year’s Miss Universe.

Coronation night of Miss Universe 2016 will be on January 30, 2017.

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