Long Time Couple Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri Split


Janet Jackson is still grieving the loss of her brother Michael Jackson but she and Jermaine Dupri decided to end their almost 7 year relationship.

According to a close friend of the couple, the two doing things separately. Jermain Dupri is a music executive and has produced some songs for Janet Jackson. Some say that the lives of the couple are so intertwined that they both have to do things together. They can’t do things on their own.

Another reason probably is that two have opposite personalities. Jermaine tend to be an extrovert while Janet is much more of an introvert.

Janet is busy of taking care of Michael’s kids and also the backbone of the Jackson family.

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  1. I adore Janet Jackson and her exiting the music industry will definitely be a sad loss. Their family has had a tremendous impact on music from since I can recall.

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