LaToya Jackson: My Brother Was Murdered


Michael Jackson’s older sister, La Toya Jackson, believes that her brother was murdered. She revealed this accusation when she was interviewed by a London Newspaper,News of the World. She said that this wasn’t done by just one person and the people who were around Michael are the ones responsible for his death. The motive of the crime would be to get his money.

La Toya accused the individuals who were recently involved with Michael of getting him hooked in prescribed drugs. According to La Toya, there were needle marks in Michael’s neck and arms. Those people, according to La Toya, kept Michael away from his family.

The toxicology report about Michael’s death will be released next week.

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  1. Interesting I thought maybe he had commited suidcide with the way he pronounced his last tour”THISMichael Jackson: Entertainer of a man

    Saturday, July 11, 2009
    Michael Jackson: Entertainer or a Man?
    On June 25, 2009, a world wide broadcast went out over airwaves around the world.
    Michael Jackson, born Michael Joseph Jackson was dead. Having at first being diagnosed as having expired from (Cardiac Arrest) these claims would go on change.
    Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana on August 29,1958 the seventh in the line
    Of his siblings. Michael began a singing career at the age of ten in 1968 with his brothers in. The singing group titled by his father Joseph Jackson as “The Jackson 5”. Michael would go on to stardom with is family act until 1971 when he would begin a solo career that would place him in a new light of celebrity status and celebrity jeering from the media and peers.

    Michael Jackson has many powerful works to his credit, mainly the famous “Thriller” album that to date no other singer has out sold. Selling over 500 million copies world wide to date{ Answers.Com}. Michael has topped record charts and sold out concerts world wide every since 1982 when embarking on his solo career. (Picture taken 1984) source. {MTV } Michael toured America, Germany, the Caribbean, Mexico, Fins bury Park in London England. Liver Pool Empire Theater breaking attendance records that were previously held by “The Beatles”. Giving a free concert in Jerudong Park for the 60th birthday of Hassanal Bolkiah. He was the first black entertainer to perform in Australia along with his brothers in 1973. He performed Charity concert at Olympic Stadium in Munich Germany & at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea for Red Cross & Nelson Mandela Fund.(Wikipedia: List of Michael Jackson’s tours}.
    Michael was inducted into the “Cleveland Rock and Roll hall Of Fame” twice. Multiple
    Mentions in “The Guinness book of world records” once for most charities supported by a celebrity also for being “The most successful entertainer of all time”. Michael was the first black person to have a video aired on “MTV” also winner of thirteen “Grammy
    awards.”{MJFC: the Michael Jackson Fan club} and {Wikipedia: Michael Jackson Biography}Michael gave his last live performance September 9thand 10th, of 2001 on the “30th Anniversary Show with his brothers that aired on BET was filmed in “Madison Square Garden”{}Michael Jackson grew up in a working family. Joseph Walter Jackson was (born July 26, 1929 in Fountain Hill Arkansas. A former boxer and musician, met and married Katherine Ester Scruse (born May 04,1930) became parents to Michael. Michael would go on to state as an adult that he had endured abuse both mental and physical at the hands of his father Joseph. {Interview with Martin Bashir February 04,2003}. Michaels sister Latoya would make these same claims in her book “Growing up in the Jackson family” where she also made statements that Joseph had sexually abused her and her sister Rebbie. Michael was accused of
    child molestation in 1993, in the Media by the “Los Angeles California Sheriff dept”. Latoya Jackson stood by these claims as true later recanting her statement saying her then husband Music producer “Jack Gordon” coerced her into saying those things to the media and in her book. Michael has made statements in interviews that he thought there was nothing wrong with a child sharing a bed with him, he also stated that he had never and would never harm a child. Dubbed by the media as “Peter Pan” Michael was seen by himself and others as an eternal child. { A common factor in children who have been abused}

    power, bullying, harassment, stalking, rape, torture, etc. All abuse is violent, be it physical, emotional, psychological, or a combination. We define seven types of abuse below. The common denominator of all abuse is the collection of behaviors’ we call bullying.


    The abuser is an individual who lives in a state of unusually high anxiety and who has not learnt to deal with that anxiety in the way normal people have. The abuser is insecure, immature, and inadequate, especially in the areas of interpersonal and behavioral skills. If the abuse is of a sexual nature, the abuser is usually sexually inadequate.

    The high anxiety seems to be the result of an inability to relate to other people combined with the fear of exposure of that person’s inadequacy, immaturity and insecurity. This leads the abuser to want to control and dominate others, having never learnt how to interact with others in normal ways. Often, the abuser is psychopathic (physically violent) or sociopathic (psychologically violent) and despite being fearful of exposure, doesn’t show the normal activation of the fight or flight mechanism.


    Abusers are usually brought up in a dysfunctional family. The more abusive the adult,
    Often, the father, if present, is violent and abusive. Perhaps the mother is co-dependent, a successful survival strategy when living with a violent partner; however, co-dependency also perpetuates the violence as it avoids dealing with the issue. Usually one or both parents are sociopathic or psychopathic. Occasionally, the child is over-protected, usually by the mother, and thus never allowed to develop as an individual human being. Sometimes, the child is ignored in favor of a sibling.

    Before blaming the parents, the reason parents are dysfunctional is because they were brought up in dysfunctional families. The more dysfunctional the parent, the more dysfunctional were their parents … and so on. Most people are never taught parenting skills. The sole teachers of parenting skills are thus … our parents. It’s not that we actively teach our kids to parent – kids learn by example. We grow up and repeat what they did to us. If all you have ever

    The child lives in a dysfunctional environment where abuse, violence or neglect are the norm; as the subject of known is abuse, that is the only way you know how to behave. Human beings do not automatically know what is right and what is wrong; we have to learn it. abuse, the child cannot predict the behavior of the responsible adults, and therefore has no control. The child learns, usually from an early age, that using bullying behaviors brings relief from anxiety. With so few people able to recognize bullying for what it is, and with strategies of denial, distraction and feigning victimhood perfected by about the age of five, the child has found a successful strategy for reducing anxiety, and thus surviving. Controlling other children through violent behavior the more dysfunctional it is brings a sense of power (control) to the child; he can’t predict or control his parents but he can control other (smaller or less physically strong) children. His targets also become useful objects onto which he can freely displace his own aggression. Source:{Cross creek Counseling online}

    Michael Jackson never had a normal surviving relationship with a woman, or had the traditional values of being a husband and father to his children. Caught up in a world where achievements were his life because thats what validated him he continued to alter his appearance with many surgeries to remove any trace of the abuser that he saw within himself in the mirror.

    Suffering from “Vitiligo” only made his self esteem which was already fragile and damaged worse. Michael to the world was an Icon. Many women have worked with him and were later interviewed as “not being able to get close to him in a relationship. {Ola Ray co star on- Thriller video. VH1. Com interview 1992} Michael it was claimed to
    have paid off the family of his Accuser to the tune of 20 million dollars to again be accused by a different child in 2005. Michael went to court in the public and in private to be acquitted of all charges. It was very easy for the media and many people to believe the Mega star was guilty because of his strange behavior with animals, children, abnormal interest in the macabre and just plain not being boy next door. Michael would continue in his success as a musician and dancer even during these tribulations. Michael would go on to father three children {Still Disputed in the Media}along with many of the world worry and wondering at their safety and welfare. That was until Tuesday July 07,2009 the world watched as Michael Jackson was given a memorial of a true
    King, not just the “King of Pop” laid to rest in a cast costing 25,000 dollars made by the Bateville Casket company { Exclusive to President caskets…TMZ} The casket was 14 karat gold with blue velvet lining. As I along with the world watched in grief, disbelief, sadness, frustration along with his family and children Michael was dubbed no longer the “King of Pop” but the “Greatest Entertainer that Ever Lived.” As I listened and wept with the rest of the people that Michael has affected in this life, I knew that was true, Michael had never reached the status of being a man although he had accomplished many achievements. He was forever to be “Peter Pan”. A male who had never emotionally, mentally, or socially grown into a full grown man.

    Michael was comfortable on stage because like all children he loved make believe, he could sing and act out the things in his imagination without hurting any one or any one hurting him, and when like a child he did not get the praise he deemed he deserved he acted out, in his music and videos. Michael will forever be “KING OF POP” but more than that he will always be the “The Greatest Entertainer that Ever Lived” IS IT”

  2. oh ! yes,michael jackson will always be remembered by all mankind who have lived during his time and all who will chance to see his work and appreciate that he was the Lords gift to our time, who remained with his talent and abruptly he was taken above with it.May the Lord rest his soul in peace! Amen

  3. How sad that this chick will use anything, including her brother’s death, in a desperate attempt for attention.

    Also note that there is not a single Jackson family member willing to simply state that MJ was simply an addict who got his way one too many times, not when there’s the prospect of more money to be made from his decaying corpse.

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