Kris Aquino Explains Why Aquino Family Did Not Accept Palace’s Offer


The protocol is that the former president deserves to have a state funeral but for this instance, the Aquino family refused to accept the offer of Malacanang to let the former President Cory Aquino have a state funeral. Kris Aquino explained the reason without dropping any names (but most of us already know who she is referring, just read between the lines) during her showbiz talk show last Sunday at “The Buzz”.

The family refused, according to Kris, it all stemmed from Malacanang’s withdrawal of Cory’s security. The former president was being asked for a formal letter stating why she still needs security. 2 of Cory’s presidential security have served her for a long time and also became family. It was disappointing for the family that her request to let the security stay was not granted. According to Kris, it was her mom’s right to have security because she was the former president of the Philippines. Then Kris had a statement (in Filipino) ‘Now you want to honor my mom? When you had taken away what was due her as a former President,’. The family feels that this might be because their mother was one of the major critics of President Gloria Arroyo.

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