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Kris Allen Is The New American Idol!

Kris Allen is the new American Idol! After a record-breaking number of votes that reached almost 100 million, Allen was declared the winner of this season’s competition– beating favored contestant Adam Lambert.

kris allen wins The stunned Kris Allen

A hush fell across the crowd as Seacrest poised himself to make the announcement. The bewildered Allen, long called the ‘”dark horse” of the competition, was left speechless after host Ryan Seacrest made the announcement in Wednesday’s season finale at the Nokia Theater in Hollywood. For his part, Adam Lambert took the news graciously, cheering and clapping for Allen.

The finale, which was watched by millions across the world, was filled with stellar guest performers: The Black Eyed Peas, Keith Urban, Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, Carlos Santana, Queen Latifah, comedian Steve Martin, and Rod Stewart all rocked the stage alongside the 2 finalists and Top 13.

The Top 13 also made several performances. David Cook performed “Permanent” as a tribute to his late brother who passed away last month.

Also during the finale, awards were given out to the most memorable characters that graced the show this season. There were 3 categories-Most Memorable Male; Best Attitude; and Most Memorable Female.

norman gentle Norman Gentle AKA Nick Mitchell

The Most Memorable Male Award went to Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle, who was wearing “normal clothes” and stripped revealing a Norman Gentle outfit. He went on to sing “And I Am Telling You”, and ran through the crowd handing out the mic to random audience members.

kara and bikini gurl

Kara’s Bikini moment

Best Attitude went to “Bikini Girl” Katrina Darell, who came out on stage in a skimpy two-piece and sporting bigger breasts–something that didn’t escape Seacrest’s attention. She took to centerstage and sang her audition piece, “Vision of Love” and was joined by Judge Kara DioGuardi. The stunned Bikini Girl could help but look on as DioGuardi sang, wowing the crowd with her vocal chops and stunning everyone when she pulled open her dress–revealing the two-piece swimsuit she has underneath.

No surprises there when the Most Memorable Female award was given to Tatiana Del Toro, who ran to the stage and sang “Saving All My Love For You” despite being chased all over the stage by security personnel.

untitled Adam Lambert and Kris Allen perform with Queen

Seacrest cued in the music video “ I Will Remember you” by the Final 4. A video of season 6 winner David Cook soon followed where he surprised both Lambert and Allen with a ford fusion 2006 for

Before the winner was announced, Lambert and Allen took to the stage and sang “We Are the Champions” with legendary rock band Queen. The Top 13 and other semifinalists from the Top 24 joined them as the song drew to a close.


After being declared the new American Idol, Kris Allen took to the stage and performed the Winner’s Single “No Boundaries”. With that, another season of American Idol comes to a close.

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