Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Sex Scandal Update

Here is an update on the Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho sex scandal saga. Hayden Kho finally broke his silence early last week and said he was sorry about the entire incident, and that he didn’t mean for the videos to be leaked.


Another personality involved in the scandal, Eric Johson Chua, also broke his silence by finally agreeing to a media interview. Chua is one of 2 people suspected of  leaking the videos online. Kho’s friend Bistek Rosario, the other person alleged to have leaked the videos, still hasn’t released a statement. It was rumored that Chua was extorting 4 million pesos from Kho, and when Kho refused to pay him the amount, Chua allegedly sold the videos to a video piracy syndicate for 2 million pesos. Chua Has denied all accusations.

Kho’s former girlfriend, Dr. Vicki Belo, has denied allegations that it was her who had ordered the videos leaked. She did, however, admit to having confiscated Kho’s hard drive with the help of Chua upon learning of the alleged sex videos last year.

Irene Kho earlier this week  joined in the whole circus by going off in a tirade against Katrina Halili and her  manger Lolit Solis. Mrs. Kho claims among a lot of things that it was Halili who got her son (Hayden) into drugs, and taht all of this drama is being orchestrated by Solis.

Kho  also met up with Optical Media Board Chairman Edu Manzano late last week . The doctor  sought the help of Manzano to try and put an end to the circulation of DVDs of his sex videos. The OMB operatives have confiscated a lot of the said videos during raids in Quiapo last week.

While all of this was happening, the Senate continued it’s investigation on the matter. The body invited the personalities involved, but it was only Halili and Kho who made an appearance. Belo was represented by her lawyer. During the hearing, an angry Abner Afuang doused Kho with water. Afuang was arrested and taken out of the session hall. He later explained his actions, saying he felt really mad at Kho adn for waht he did to Halili.

The National Bureau of Investigation also conducted it’s own investigation on the matter amidst allegations of Kho’s and Halili’s drug use. The agency has extended an invitation to both top ahve themselves tested, but neither appeared at the NBI on the designated date.

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  1. karma yan kay katrina bubuli… kundi ba naman sya pokpok, boyfriend ni Vicky Belo si Hayden nung time nay yon tapos nakikipag sex sya. isa syang malaking kabit..


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