Katrina Darrell And Her Bikini Goes To Hollywood

Katrina Darrell’s bikini takes her all the way to Hollywood and this has got viewers curious.. who is the gal that created controversy on Idol displaying her rockin’ bod in an insy-winsy-teeny-weeny bikini.


If you don’t have the 411 on this aspiring idol, google does with already an astounding 151,000 hits on the name “Katrina Darrell”. This former Hooters girl at West Covina California was just recently fired for leaving her job as a door greeter to audition for America’s Idol. She apparently never ranked up as a waitress after 3 months of being employed at Hooters.


People who know her say that all she ever talked about was being famous. Other sources report to, “Some girls who work at Hooters are embarrassed by the tight shorts and skimpy tops they have to wear, but Katrina loved it. She always had her shorts pulled up the tightest and her T-shirt knotted up to show off the most midriff. She loved the attention.” This Chino Hills gal apparently is out to achieve fame and stardom through her good looks and body.

But wait.. this is American Idol, good looks are only a portion of what it takes to become the winner in this competition. After singing a stanza from Mariah Carey’s ‘Vision of Love’,  Kara DioGuardi said, “Honestly, you don’t have the chops to sing that song sweetie.” And yet this 21 year old still makes it to Hollywood!

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