John Lloyd Cruz and Liz Uy Are Friends Again

liz and john lloyd

One thing that 2 people want to achieve everytime they end their relationship is to at least save their friendship. This is what John Lloyd Cruz and ex-girlfriend Liz Uy are trying to achieve right now. The two are seen together in public and seemed that they are in good terms. John Lloyd said that even though they have not seen each other for a long time after Liz’s European trip, they have remained their communication. Now that she’s back in Manila, they go out whenever they have the time. He’s not courting her yet again but John LLoyd is only concerned of being friends with her again. Nobody knows what will happen in the future so he’s just taking it easy.

It was rumoured that Liz Uy is dating the brother of LJ Moreno who is Francis Ricafort. John Lloyd does not want to comment on that because he has not confirmed that with Liz yet.

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