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Idol Ratings, Plummeting?

With season 7’s ratings dipping 10% all across the board, American Idol producers are all for getting the audience interested this early in the season? So how did they do this year you might ask.. well if they lost 10% last year, they lost 15% this year despite of the obvious effort in making the show more interesting. Kinda’ makes you think that Walter here makes a good point: “American Idol has been on 8 or 9 years. It’s tiresome. I used to watch it.

American Idol Ratings
American Idol Ratings

The hey day is long over. Why folks expect shows with such a long run to come out of the box as if it was a new concept that people still wanted to see in droves is beyond me.”

So if 2007 ratings are lower by 10% compared to 2006, and 2008 is lower by 15% compared to 2007, does this mean that American Idol has reached it’s peak and is slowly but surely making it’s way down the graph? Not quite because the producers are doing something about it.

This year American Idol producers take the angle of human interest stories and gives it a twirl for America to see. In this way the contestants are much easier for viewers to remember and thus follow, giving them a reason to actually watch American idol. Just check out the guys they’ve had American Idol camera focus on:

Scott MacIntyre -Scott can sing and play the piano very well, but his tunnel vision makes him virtually blind.

–Lil Rounds – Lil is a mother of 3 small kids and has lost her Memphis home due to a tornado

–Kai Kalama -Kai put his musical dreams and social life on pause to care for his sick mother.

And here’s what a poster had to say about that:

“I’d like to applaud the producers and editors of Idol. They have stepped up the quality of the editorial content significantly this season. The music choices are better. The seque of contestants performances to the actual hits has been a subtle link that exhibits a refined attention to detail. The pacing is such that the two hours seems like just one. The montage pieces have real emotions from outright hilarity to tears. The final one at the end of the show last night made you really feel the elation and that moment of unbounded optimism of the contestants moving forward. It’s the kind of feel good programming, and TV numbers that we need right now.” Mike

It kinda makes you think that there’s hope doesn’t it, or that Mike is just full of crap and that Walter is right on the money.

What do you think?

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