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Hottest American Idol Contestants Ever

Jasmin Trias - Hawaii's Favorite
Jasmin Trias - Hawaii's Favorite

There are thousands every year who audition for the American Idols however there are a few who stand out not only for the amazing range that they posses but also for the fact that they are super hot!

Here are some names of the American Idol contestants from the past and the present who can surely be given points on the “hot” factor if not for anything else.

Kellie Pickler from season 5 became famous for the way she pronounced seafood and is definitely pretty cute from certain other angles as well.

Kristy Lee Cook a former tomboy took the help of many stylists and shed off her to get her good looks. Miss. Lee was also a finalist who was later eliminated. She was from the American Idol Season 7.

Jasmine Trias was dubbed the “little girl from Hawaii with a big voice” and she was from the season 3 edition of American Idols, she was quite memorable back in her days in the season 3.

Kristin Holt is one of the hottest contestants ever to have auditioned for the American Idol. It is quite a surprise that she is an oft-forgotten contestant. Miss. Holt has gone on to become a very successful person in various areas apart from music. She is currently the host of the show G4’s Cheat! and also hosts the weekly segment of G4 X-Play twice a week.

Kimberly Caldwell from Season 2 was a finalist of the show however she was eliminated pretty quickly. Later she bounced back and later became a host on the TV Guide and has also been dating Idol winner David Cook.

How about you? Who do you think is the hottest American Idol contestant?

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