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Happy Birthday Rico Yan: A Tribute to One of Philippine Showbiz’s Finest Actor

Remembering Rico Yan: A Tribute to One of Philippine Showbiz’s Finest Actor

It has been almost 13 years now since Rico Yan, the famed actor of the mid 1990’s, left us for good with his good boy, clean cut image, and cute dimples (even acquiring the nickname “Mr. Dimple” for this reason) as well as fine acting which captured the hearts of many women as well as the respect of men of his generation, thereby labelling him as a matinee idol during his time in showbiz. He would have been 39 years old now have he not had his sudden demise which occured on March 29, 2002. His passing left a 7-year legacy in the show business that had both inspired many people and left die-hard fans heart-broken.

Rico Yan Photo
“Portrait of Rico Yan” by Ricky6991 – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

But who exactly is Rico Yan? Why was he put in such a good regard that made him significant to the Philippine show business even to this day?

Of the Mid 1990’s

Born Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan to Roberto Yan, Sr. and Teresita Castro Yan on March 14, 1975, Rico Yan, whose screen name was a cutting out and short-cut from his actual name, was a film and television actor, matinee idol, model, host, spokesperson, and an entrepreneur, most popular during the middle 1990’s up to the early 2000’s. He was raised in a family of business people and soldiers.

Rico - One of the Philippines finest actor
Rico – One of the Philippines finest actor

As a graduate of De La Salle University with a degree on Marketing Management, Rico Yan would have lived his life as an entrepreneur or as a company employee if his discovery was not founded during his student days in the university. The then budding and potentially a model Rico Yan was scouted to be a model on which audition proposition he complied for. As early as 1995, Rico Yan had his first television commercial debut which began his career in show business.

It did not take long before Rico Yan pursued a different career in show business, that is, acting, apart from just modeling, all thanks to his initial success as being a model. Because of his preppy, rich look, Yan was often given roles befitting such a persona in both television and films. After being included in several television and movie, the name “Rico Yan” has become a household name. Throughout his 7-year career in show business as a host and an actor, Rico Yan has had taken a role in as much as 11 movies and several television series in addition to being a host to a few other television programs, all of which gave popularity to his name.

Rico Yan and Claudine Baretto
Rico Yan and Claudine Baretto

Rico Yan was a hit during his time in terms of popularity and appeal which gave him some six awards and recognitions apart from showbiz, three awards in showbiz, and two nominations. Even so when paired with popular actresses such as Judy Ann Santos (on many of his films and television series) and Claudine Barretto, his showbiz girlfriend, during those times.

The End of the Years’ Showbiz Journey

However, these all ended in one night after Rico Yan succumbed to the complication of acute pancreatitis, that is, a cardiac arrest while staying in Dos Palmas Resort in Puerto Princesa, Palawan along with showbiz friend, Dominic Ochoa and four others more, who found out his death the morning after. Rico Yan was 27 years old on his time of death.

Remembering Rico Yan
Remembering Rico Yan

Being in show business, Rico Yan’s death was not without speculation and whose incident was speculated to be as a result of his and then showbiz girlfriend Claudine Barretto’s break-up that forced the deceased actor to take on drugs that induced the condition which resulted to his death. The speculation is nowadays taken as false and the cause of death referred better to as the Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome (SUDS); basically, the Filipino definition for “bangungot.”

Today, however, every March 14 of the year make us remember the once gentle and fine person, who, at some points in his life brought us memorable films and television series / programs and whose memory still lingers to this day by those who loved the actor, family or otherwise.

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