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Gf of Paolo Contis is 4 Months Pregnant

paolo and lian

Paolo Contis, the former childstar, will become a father in a few months because his girlfriend, Lian Paz is already 4 months pregnant. Paolo revealed this through the showbiz talk show, Startalk. It started out as a blind item but they never really planned to hide it. They informed their respective families about it then Lolit Solis.

According to Lian, she had problems on her first trimester of pregnancy because of her low progesterone level. She was advised by her doctor to have full rest.

There are also rumors that Paolo’s mom is not in favor of Lian because she’s close with his ex-girlfriend, Isabel Oli. Paolo told Startalk that it was just normal but then Lian and his mom already had a talk so everything’s ok now.

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