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David Pomeranz performs “King and Queen of Hearts” at “Luv U” Prom

The cast of “LUV U” can’t contain their excitement anymore as the teen comedy series stages a Junior-Senior Prom this Sunday (February 10). “I really felt the the spirit of Valentine’s Day because of our romantic scenes in LUV U.

David Pomeranz singing at LUV U
David Pomeranz singing at LUV U

The prom also felt so real because of Mr. David’s rendition of King and Queen of Hearts,” said Kiray. Angeli seconded this by saying that they have prepared mentally and physically for it.

“It’s not something we tape everyday so we really prepared for it and enjoyed it as if it’s a real prom,” she said. On their prom episode this Sunday, the lovers JB (Marco) and Camille (Miles), Boom (CJ) and (April) are geared up for the most romantic event of this month but their friend Rocky (Igi) is having problems because Whitney (Kiray) left him for another guy.

He also asked Paris (Tippy) to be his date but the latter picked Max instead. What will happen to Rocky’s Valentines? Find out on “LUV U” this Sunday (February 10) after “ASAP 18” on ABS-CBN.

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