Cogie Domingo Was Che Tiongson’s Ex?

cogie domingo

Former governor Chavit Singson revealed that Cogie Domingo, the actor, had an affair with his ex-live in partner Che Tiongson last year. It was last week when Che Tiongson filed charges against Chavit Singson due to physical injuries. Che said that she has never been unfaithful to Chavit however with this revelation of the former governor. When Chavit found out about their alleged affair, Cogie was already on its way to US.

Attorney Domingo, father of Cogie, gave his statement regarding the matter through Startalk. He said that it’s true that Cogie knew about Che Tiongson but he did not know that she was the live-in partner of Chavit. Atty Domingo said that they don’t have a “romantic” relationship. He even advised his son not to get involved too much with Che because he knew that he might be in grave danger, as what Chavit is known to be like.

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