Coconut Farmers: Lani Mercado, Resign!


Lani Mercado was appointed as one of the board members of San Miguel Corporation a few weeks ago but it seems that her appointment faces controversy.  Coconut farmers all over the country, who are members of a Non-Government Organization called Centro Saka, were actually disappointed about this appointment because they feel that Lani is not fit to become one. These coconut farmers are aiming to reclaim their rights from San Miguel Corporation and they feel that this public appointment of Lani is a “mockery” of their almost 2 decades crusade against the multinational corporation. According to them, Lani Mercado and even other individuals that are being appointed by Philippine presidents, do not know the plight of the coconut farmers in SMC. They also think that this issue is bigger than Lani Mercado and that she is being used by someone such as Danding Cojuangco who would like to control San Miguel Corporation again.

These coconut farmers are requesting for Lani Mercado’s resignation to be able to see the real issue.

What do you think?

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