Christine Reyes and Pokwang are Friends Again


The former member of the Banana Split cast, Christine Reyes and Pokwang have finally settled their “fight”. Christine Reyes left the comedy gag show Banana Split because she being left out by Pokwang and RR Enriquez. She first made up with Angelica Panganiban, who is also part of the Banana Split cast, and then it was just recently that she made up with Pokwang.

Pokwang narrated how they made up. She said Christine approached her and said “ate” then Pokwang replied with “kumusta ka na hija?”. No more apologies needed, they just talked as if nothing happened.

Christine Reyes doesn’t know yet when she and RR Enriquez will be friends again. Probably time will come just like what happened between her and Pokwang.

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