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That Thing Called Tadhana – is the Highest Grossing Indie Film of all Time

After the successful nationwide screening of the Cinema One Originals film “That Thing Called Tadhana”, this Filipino highest grossing Indie film is getting more positive response from movie goers. This Angelica Panganiban-JM de Guzman starrer is heading to US theaters starting this March 27 (Friday).

That Thing Called Tadhana
That Thing Called Tadhana Movie

Director Antoinette Jadaone’s romantic-comedy film has also harvested numerous awards, including the Audience Choice and Best Actress awards at the 2014 Cinema One Originals Film Festival, as well as the Best Actor award at the Gawad Pasado. Continue Reading

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Ejay Falcon teams up with Joseph Marco in Saka Saka

Ejay Falcon teams up with Jospeh Marco for the very first time in the action-packed family drama Saka Saka. Saka Saka is the maiden offering of Cinebro – Saka Saka is directed by Toto Natividad and it is the official entry of Cinebro to the New Wave Full Feature Film category of the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Ejay Falcon and Joseph Marco in Saka Saka
Ejay Falcon and Joseph Marco in Saka Saka

Saka Saka is a story about two brothers, Alex Abueg (Falcon) and Abner Abueg (Marco), whose family and lives are shattered upon their initiation to the violent world of political assassins or saka sakas. The movie exposes the secret world of the saka saka as it explores and interrogates the age-old conflict between lawful righteousness and violent revenge. Set against the contrasting backdrops of rustic, provincial life and the fast-paced, modern culture of the metro, Saka Saka is essentially a family movie that challenges audiences to think about the extreme extents that they may do to defend and protect their families from oppression and corruption. Continue Reading

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Kevin Macdonald tells story of Christmas in a Day with new film for Sainsbury’s

The idea of a TV clip becoming a major news story isn’t a new one and around Christmas time each year there is usually one standout offering from a major brand that catches the public’s imagination. This goes on to become something set in the memory as defining that particular festive season.

This year it is sure to be Sainsbury’s Christmas in a Day film, which is actually a 45-minute festive movie Directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Scott Free Films and Ridley Scott Associates.

Red Christmas present
By Petr  Kratochvil via Wikimedia Commons


Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald takes inspiration from his own film ‘Life In A Day’ to create the amazing new work, which is made up from 360 hours of crowd sourced festive footage. Continue Reading

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The supernatural beings of True Blood

True BloodFew TV shows have given the public image of vampires as much of a boost as True Blood.

This exciting and original show has a dedicated cult following, with its cast, storylines and characters big talking points across the web.

So if you’ve just discovered this future classic and are still trying to work your way around the legion of mythical creatures, here’s a quick guide to help you tell your vampires from your werewolves.


As the main focus for this True Blood HBO series, we should of course begin our look at the mythical creatures of with the vampires.

Attempting to integrate into human society, the vampires have been freed from the need to feed on living flesh by the invention of a synthetic – or ‘true’ – blood. This has allowed them to shun their violent ways in favour of coexistence and cooperation.

Powers include the ability to fly, to put people in a trance and to live for a really long time. However they can be killed with a stake through the heart, be bled to death or be rendered safe by decapitation.  Continue Reading

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The 85th Academy Awards, Airs Live and Complete on Velvet Channel

The much-awaited 85th Academy Awards, more prominently known as the Oscars, will once again set the stage to honor the best in cinema. It will air live and complete from Dolby Theater on Velvet, the premier channel for red carpet events in the Philippines.

85th Academy Awards Golden Statuettes (2)
85th Academy Awards Golden Statuettes

Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” led the field with nominations for best director, picture, actor (Daniel Day-Lewis), supporting actress (Sally Field) and supporting actor (Tommy Lee Jones). The historical film is about the 16th president’s attempt to pass an anti-slavery amendment to the Constitution before the end of the Civil War.

Coming next with 11 nods was the visually stunning “Life of Pi”, Ang Lee’s adaptation of Yann Martel’s award-winning novel about an Indian teenager and a Bengal tiger adrift in a lifeboat. The story of their struggle for survival in the open sea was nominated for best picture, best director, and best cinematography.

Tom Hooper’s musical “Les Miserables”, after Victor Hugo’s classic novel, earned 7 nominations including best picture, best actor (Hugh Jackman), and best supporting actress (Anne Hathaway).

Real-life mission stories “Argo” by Ben Affleck received seven nods including best picture, and best supporting actor (Alan Arkin) and “Zero Dark Thirty” by Kathryn Bigelow received five nods including best picture, best actress (Jessica Chastain), and best original screenplay. Affleck’s political thriller tells the story of the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis while Oscar-winner Bigelow shows her take on the decade-long Osama bin Laden manhunt. Continue Reading

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Kris Aquino is Cinema One’s Numero Uno

The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino, is also Cinema One’s Numero Uno this love month. As February’s choice artist, Kris, who is also celebrating her birthday this month, will have her timeless and box office hit films featured on Cinema One, the number one cable channel in the country.

Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino

Watch her drama films “Bakit Pa Kita Minahal” (Feb. 11), “Mano Po” (Feb. 18) and “Mano Po 2 My Home” (Feb. 25) on Monday Drama block every 9:00 p.m., her comedy films “Mahal Kita Walang Iba” (Feb. 7), “Pido Dida 3” (Feb. 8) on Laughternoon Out Loud block every 1:00 p.m., and her horror films “Feng Shui” (Feb. 12), “Sukob” (Feb. 13), “Dalaw” (Feb. 14), and “Segunda Mano” (Feb. 15) on Must-See Movies block every 5:00 p.m Continue Reading

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Top 15 Highest grossing films in the Philippines for 2011

No wonder, this year local movie Blockbuster is No Other Woman from Star Cinema and according to ABS-CBN, heres the Top 15 Highest grossing films in the Philippines for 2011:

1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
3. No Other Woman
4. Kung Fu Panda 2
5. Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last na ‘To
6. Si Agimat at Si Enteng
7. Thor
8. X-Men First Class
9. Pirates of the Caribbean
10. Captain America
11. Green Lantern
12. Catch Me, I’m in Love
13. Fast 5
14. In the Name of Love
15. Dalaw

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Wing Chun Documentary w/ Ramon Bagatsing

A cinematic documentary from Chibi Moku about Wing Chun Kung Fu being introduced to the Philippines. Shot over a period of 2 weeks in Manila & Laguna. Featuring Sifu Steve McGowan & Sifu Robert Greene. Also featuring actor Raymond Bagatsing and the rest of the Golden Harvest team.

Wing Chun sa Pilipinas – Golden Harvest in the Philippines – by Chibi Moku from Chibi Moku on Vimeo.

Cinematographer – Trip Shaffer – Chibi Moku

Equipment –

Canon 60d
Tokina 11-16mm 2.8
Tamron 17-50 2.8
Canon 50mm 1.8
Sturdyshots Sturdycam
Konova Slider

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Schwarzenegger tipped to star in fifth Terminator movie

Hollywood star and former politician Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to return to his Terminator days by starring in a sequel to the four-part action movie, the entertainment website reported.

Schwarzenegger gained worldwide fame for his leading role in the original 1984 science fiction action movie directed by Oscar winner James Cameron.

Schwarzenegger, born in Austrian town of Graz, held the main role in two sequels of the Terminator movies. The second film earned over US$ 54 million over a single weekend in July 1992.

The film still has no scriptwriter, according to DeadLine, but Schwarzenegger is attached to a Creative Artists Agency rights package for the movie.

Schwarzenegger stepped down as California Governor in January amid low approval ratings in the debt-mired U.S. state. He served two terms from October 2003.

Despite a vow to relinquish his acting career when he became governor, Schwarzenegger starred in action movie The Expendables in 2010.

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Petrang Kabayo movie remake by Viva Films

Petrang Kabayo is an upcoming movie remake of the 1988 comedy movie “Petrang Kabayo at ang Pilyang Kuting.” which was popularized by Roderick Paulate.

Topbilled by comedian / TV host Vice Ganda, other members of its cast include Candy Pangilinan, Nadine Lustre, Joy Viado, Tom Rodriguez, Sam Pinto, Makisig Morales as the young Petra, and many more.

Petrang Kabayo is about a rich gay who is cursed to become a horse by Silveria – a character played by Zoraida Sanchez who is a  goddesss of horses.

Petrang Kabayo remake will be directed by Wenn Deramas and the movie premiere will be in September 2010.

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Huling Sayaw – A Star Cinema Movie of Angel Locsin and Aga Mulach

Huling Sayaw is an upcoming Star Cinema movie which will be topbilled by Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach.

According to the news, the two ABS-CBN premier actors will have a lot of dancing sequences.

One intriguing scene is when Angel Locsin does the Pole Dancing, Im sure thats hot!!!

The movie is just in time since Angel Locsin is currently leading in FHM Philippines annual poll called The Worlds Sexiest Women of 2010.

The movie will be directed by Olive Lamasan.

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At long last, actress-commedienne Eugene Domingo is being launced in her first ever starring role in Kimmy Dora (Ang Kambal Sa Kiyeme!). “Uge” as she is fondly known in the industry, is overjoyed and grateful for being chosen as the lead star of the first movie offering of Spring Films, the production company formed by the ultimate heartthrob himself, Piolo Pascual, together with friends—business manager Erickson Raymundo, acclaimed cinematographer Shayne Sarte and blockbuster director Bb. Joyce Bernal.

kimmydora_movie-twin_posterUntil Kimmy Dora, Eugene has mostly been relegated to the role of best friend or everybody’s favorite sidekick on TV and in movies.

But she is proof of the saying “there are no small roles, only small actors” with her memorable characters not only making lasting impressions on viewers but earning her innumerable praise from critics as well. Now, its Eugene’s turn to shine and be the star with double the brightness and twice the gleam!

In this outrageous and hilarious comedy written by Chris Martinez and directed by blockbuster film director Bb. Joyce Bernal, Eugene plays the roles of Kimmy and Dora Go Dong Hae, twins whose personalities are the exact opposite of each other.

 Kimmy is smart, sexy and ambitious while Dora is simple, shy and sweet. Kimmy is sharp and brilliant.

Dora is mentally challenged. Kimmy is domineering and overpowering. Dora, on the other hand, is a pushover. Kimmy has an evil streak while Dora is Mother Teresa incarnate. Riot happens when a man comes in between the sisters—the mysterious and handsome Johnson, played by one of today’s hottest young stars, Dingdong Dantes in a very special role. He is joined by other stars Zanjoe Marudo, Miriam Quiambao, Ariel Ureta, Gabby Eigenmann, Baron Geisler and many more.

No question about it, Uge is overwhelmed by the blessings she has been receiving lately. “Yun nga ang tinatanong ko sa Diyos bakit nangyayari ito sa akin.

Siguro may mensahe ito sa lahat ng Pilipino na wag kayong mawalan ng pag-asa. Kung nangyari sa akin baka mangyari din sa inyo diba? Continue Reading

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Night at the Museum sequel beats Terminator at North American box office

Comedian Ben Stiller beat action hero Christian Bale in North American movie theaters so far over this U.S. Memorial Day holiday weekend, according to box office figures released Sunday.

Box Office Hit in North America

Box Office Hit in North America

The 20th Century Fox comedy “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” is expected to take in an estimated 53.5 million dollars in the three-day reporting period, far exceeding the 30.4- million-dollar opening of its predecessor in 2006.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros.’ sci-fi sequel “Terminator Salvation” was in second place with 43 million dollars over the same period, according to box office tracking website

The latest “Terminator” film, starring Bale, fell short of the 44-million-dollar debut of the previous installment in the famous sci-fi series, 2003’s “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” which is the last in the franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Continue Reading

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