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Rachel Ray Underwent Vocal Chord Surgery


Lifestyle host Rachel Ray underwent a vocal chord surgery. The host has been struggling to correct this situation since last yer. If you’ve noticed her when she hosts in her show, her voice eventually deteriorates towards the end of the show. She was advised by her doctor to undergo benign cyst surgery to correct the problem.

As of this moment, she has been resting in her home. All she needs to do is to rest her voice for a while.

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David Cook and David Archuleta Live in Manila!

david and david
It’s official! David Cook and David Archuleta live in Manila!

On May 16, 2009, the season 7 American Idol and American Idol runner-up, respectively, will be in Manila for a one night, back-to-back concert at the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds.

Both Idols released video statements about their upcoming show in Manila. Here’s David Archuleta’s announcement/ invitation to all his fans in the Philippines, with something special at the very end.

David Archuleta says Hi to the Philippines

Here now is David Cook’s video: David Cook says Hi to the Philppines

The concert is slated to start at 8 PM. To the fans who would like to watch the show, tickets are available at TicketWorld outlets. Subsequently, if you are a fan visiting the Philippines and would like to secure your ticket before going there, you may place your order through TicketWorld’s website.

The venue will be divided into 4 sections: VIP; Gold; Silver and Bronze. Ticket prices of course varies per section. VIP Tickets sell for PhP 3,625.00; Gold for PhP 2,075.00; Silver for PhP 625.00; and Bronze for Php 315.00.

The last quarter of 2008 and early 2009 seems to be quite a busy time for both Davids so far. David Archuleta has been on the road touring with teen idol Demi Lovato.


David Cook, on the other hand,  continued to promote his album, as well as announced a tour. Both Idols have also guested on the hit show American Idol recently, the show that gave them their kick start in the music industry.

This back-to-back concert of David Cook and David Archuleta is a production of Fearless Productions.

So what are you waiting for? Come on over and experience David Cook and David Archuleta Live in Manila!

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Kelly Clarkson’s New Album Released Today

The original American Idol Kelly Clarkson released the first single off of her much anticipated new album, All I Ever Wanted. The single “My Life Would Suck Without You”which was released January 17, is the first release since her last album, My December, which totally tanked in the charts. Continue Reading

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David Archuleta Guest Stars on Hannah Montana

American Idol Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta will guest star on the Disney Channel series “Hannah Montana.” The 18-year old singer will star as himself opposite Miley Cyrus’ character. In the episode, Archuleta comes and asks Hanna Montana to sng with him. The two will be working together on Archuleta’s song, “I Wanna Know.”

No news yet on when David Archuleta’s Hanna Montana episode will air.

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Most Popular American Idol episodes

American Idol is no ordinary TV show. This show encompasses talents from all over the USA and more who converge at the auditions for a first attempt at showbiz singing. Individuals with and without singing experience alike enter the contest auditions.

The auditions are the best part to watch as some of the most offbeat singers and the most mature talents exhibit their skills in front of the panel of judges. This show reached the pinnacle of popularity thanks to its realistic showcasing of singing ordeals and achievements.

This show came from being a summer replacement to a big hit on TV. Fox network is to be thanked for recognizing the potential of this show and making use of it to bring the people watching other boring shows to the edge of their seats. The sole purpose of this show is to create that supreme rock star with the versatility of a number of genres.

Some of the singers who make it to the absolute final rounds and also get to win make the most hay as they get all the sponsorship and record deals they can assume. This show features as a spring break from amateur status to celebrity in just a few weeks time. This is one show which even has mathematical models attributed to it which elucidate patterns of winning and losing compared to past shows. Continue Reading

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Where is David Archuleta?

David Archuleta updates… As some of us might know that David Archuleta happens to be the American Idol runner-up and in recent news he has bagged a record deal with certain music label that goes by the name of 19 Recordings/Jive Records.

Archuleta's Album Cover

Archuleta's Album Cover

This was recently announced by the label’s representative.

David is 17 years and he now plans to perform on the Idol tour that kicks off real soon and he also wishes to release a debut album later in this year.

He says that signing up a record contract with the aforementioned company 19 is indeed an experience that can be best described in the oh-so-clichéd- dream come true style.

He also says that he has always been a big fan of the American Idol series since its inception and since the first season and he has absolutely adored as well admired the American Idol alumni.

David says that he really feels honored as well as humbled to be a part of the prestigious group of the American Idol. Continue Reading

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Syesha Mercado Updates

Syesha Mercado before getting voted off American Idol found herself among the bottom of the vote getters for a total of five times but even this hasn’t crushed her spirit or tainted her enthusiasm.

Syesha Updates

Syesha Updates

Mercado told people that her drive is to constantly do better than her last performance and she wants to perfectly combine hard work with her drive all throughout the American Idol singing competition. She also adds that she simply enjoys herself more each and every week.

She further adds that she has been able to separate the fine line that exists between overworking and doing so much that a person becomes unfocused and doesn’t enjoy his or her performance. Her goal every week thus was to be purely satisfied after the completion of every show.

She says that she primarily focuses on her own performance after each show and gives the enjoyment factor the main priority. She feels that unless a performer is fully enjoying his/her performance, he or she would never be able to give out the best. Continue Reading

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Whats up with American Idol – David Cook

David Cook - Season 7 American Idol

David Cook - Season 7 American Idol

Last Season, after he performed a classic song by Dolly PartonDavid Cook the “American Idol Season 7 Winner” was taken to the Cedars-Sinai hospital after medical experts decided that he actually required medical attention.

According to the medical specialist, He had palpitations from his heart and he also experienced high blood pressure during the ending part of the show as was reported by Nigel Lythgoe who happens to be the executive producer of the show. This incident took place in a call so as to promote “Idol Gives Back,” that was aired on FOX.

He was taken to the Cedars-Sinai and a private doctor checked his medical condition and he was later given some medication in order to lower his Blood Presure. After this medical checkup he returned to his hotel to take some rest.

David’s physical troubles started right after he delivered a good rendition of the song entitled “Little Sparrow,” and he looked pretty much confident like he usually does. Continue Reading

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Hottest American Idol Contestants Ever

Jasmin Trias - Hawaii's Favorite

Jasmin Trias - Hawaii's Favorite

There are thousands every year who audition for the American Idols however there are a few who stand out not only for the amazing range that they posses but also for the fact that they are super hot!

Here are some names of the American Idol contestants from the past and the present who can surely be given points on the “hot” factor if not for anything else.

Kellie Pickler from season 5 became famous for the way she pronounced seafood and is definitely pretty cute from certain other angles as well.

Kristy Lee Cook a former tomboy took the help of many stylists and shed off her to get her good looks. Miss. Lee was also a finalist who was later eliminated. She was from the American Idol Season 7.

Jasmine Trias was dubbed the “little girl from Hawaii with a big voice” and she was from the season 3 edition of American Idols, she was quite memorable back in her days in the season 3. Continue Reading

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Kai Kalama

Kai Kalama
Age: 26
Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Songs Performed

San Francisco Eliminations : Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by The Platters

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Ramiele Malubay Update

Ramiele Malubay was known in American Idol Season 7 as the “Girl with the BIG Voice”. Ramiele surprised American viewers and judges last year with her big voice coming from a small cute sexy body. She is the seventh successful Filipino-American in American Idol history to make it to the Top 24 of the words most popular singing competition.

Ramile Malubay Update

Ramile Malubay Update

Ramiele Malubay became the ninth-place finalist last season, She recently went back in her native Philippines following her stint on Idol. She may not be as popular as the other Idol finalist that does not stop her from pursuing her career in music.

Recently, Ramiele has released three original songs available to purchase for $0.99 each on her official Web site, from “Kaya,” the single that is being sent to Filipino radio, to “More to Me” and “Here I Am.” She also released “We Are One (At Christmas)” on her site for the Christmas season.

She was also nominated in the 2008 JC Penney Asian Excellence Awards in the Favorite TV Personality category. Ramiele is expected to release an album anytime soon.

Ramiele said she was very happy with her performance in both concerts despite having a cough several days ago. In fact, two days before the first concert, she almost lost her voice. She was also very impressed with the level of professionalism everyone had and will be spending the next three months looking into a possible career in the Philippines.

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