Britney Spears’s sued by former Manager Osama Lutfi

Britney with Sam - the former manager
Britney with Sam - the former manager

Britney Spears is back in the headlines again as her former self-styled manager filed a law suit against her.

The former talent manager claims that Britney’s parents defamed him and that he was owed unpaid management fees.

Osama “Sam” Lutfi filed suit against Spears and her parents in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging libel, defamation, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract.

Sam Lutfi’s attorney, Bryan J. Freedman said in a statement Tuesday that there is “overwhelming evidence from independent witnesses” proving his client’s case and that “at the time of the trial in this action, the jury will have an opportunity to weigh the credibility of the witnesses.”

Spears is currently rebuilding her career after a prolonged period of turmoil in her private life following her 2006 split from ex-husband Kevin Federline.

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