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American Idol wins over Obama Inauguration in the Rating Game

The Inauguration ceremony of the first African American President was viewed by over 33.4 million people on free TV and garnered the highest ratings since the record bearing inauguration of President Ronal Reagan.

Season 8 American Idol Ratings
Season 8 American Idol Ratings

This day time ceremony was telecast live through the early hours of the morning. At night, ABC’s Inaugural rites concert special ‘A Moment in History: The Inauguration of Obama’ was aired. However, the public seemed to have enough of the political drama for the day and had already switched to pop culture and other programs with high entertainment value by the evening.

The result of this switch was evident when one viewed the results of the night’s viewership. The Inaugural Night Concert was beaten in ratings by none other than the American Idol. While the viewership if the inaugural concert was 12.6 million, American Idol was watched by over 22.4 million homes. This number is likely to increase once a week’s worth of DVR playback is added in.

There is no doubt that the inaugural night concert also put a dent in the viewership of American Idol. The total viewership of the show dropped by almost 8 million since compared to the season opening night’s two hour special that was aired last week.

In the most important demographic for the show which is the age group between 18 to 49 years dropped almost 23 percent for the Tuesday night show.

Combined with ABC’s inaugural night concert, were also offerings from NBC and CBC on the inauguration. All shows put together were watched by 35.2 million viewers. However, no matter how the numbers are crunched, the American Idol beat every other show on air Tuesday night.

There is simply no denying that Fox’s American Idol was a show more captivating than a real American Idol, and the most watched show of the night.

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