American Idol Season 8 Louisville Audition Recap

Kentucky American Idol Auditions
Kentucky American Idol Auditions

The American Idol auditions took place in Louisville after San Francisco where only 12 people made it to the next round.

More contestants from Louisville made to the Hollywood round from Louisville and here are some of the highlights of the show:

Tiffany Shedd : She was the first contestant of the day and very confident of herself. Even her parents believed that she was fantastic.

However, when she started singing Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero,’ everyone knew that she didn’t have any singing ability whatsoever and right after her performance, Simon and his big mouth called her a donkey.

Joanna Pacitti : This hot 23 year contestant has been making attempts to enter the music industry since she was 16. She sings Pat Bentar’s ‘We Belong’ with a good voice and her performance is in total control. 

After so many attempts in the past years, she finally got the golden ticket to Hollywood round.

Kentucky Chicken King showed up
Kentucky Chicken King showed up

Matt Giraud : This contestant is a self taught dueling piano player with some soul in his voice. He sings Gavin DeGraw’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Be.’ Simon says this 23 year old reminds him of Elliott Yamin, and he gets voted into the next round.

Ross Plavsic :.
A self styled super nerd, this huge contestant in a large suit says he has been learning to sing opera for the last few months.

He sings an opera song quite terribly and even ends up drinking water from Paula’s glass as his throat get parched from singing.  Unfortunately, he get voted out unanimously

This was the end of day 1 and 10 contestant were voted to the next round in Hollywood.

The second day ended with a heartwarming performance by 18 year old Leneshe Young, who grew up homeless, and sings her own composition called ‘Natty.’

Leneshe Young performing her Natty Song

The song isn’t great, but she sings it beautifully and has a good voice and she gets voted in. The total number of contestant from Louisville who made it to Hollywood is 19.

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