American Idol Season 8 Early Favorites

Katrina Darrel
Katrina Darrel

Although this season of American Idol has only just begun and it is too early in the season to name favorites, it hasn’t stopped some contestants from being more popular and better liked than some of the others. Here are some of the early favorites that have emerged in the season 8 of American Idol so far:

Michael Sarver : This contestant, as an oil rig worker, does one of the top most dangerous jobs in the country. A resident of Jasper, Texas, while he risks his life everyday he also manages to sing a song beautifully. He sang “Thank You” by Boyz II Men and sounded so good, he won instant approval of the audience.

Katrina Darrell : Auditioning in a bikini, that added a large dose of immediate attraction, Katrina Darrell sang ‘Vision Of Love’ by Mariah Carey. She has moved on to the Hollywood round, but we sure hope that she goes much further than that.

Scott McIntyre : This blind, but wonderfully talented contestant sang ‘And So It Goes’ by Billy Joel. He was reminiscent of a number of blind musical prodigies of our age and we sure hope he goes very far ahead in this contest.

Deanna Brown : She was amongst the most popular contestants on the opening night of this season of American Idol. The contestant from Louisville, Kentucky stole our hearts by her brilliant rendition of Otis Redding’s one of more popular tunes ‘Sitting’ By the Dock of the Bay.’ She was immediately liked by all the judges and audience members alike.

Although the contest is only just beginning, and like every other season is bound to be filled with surprises, one hopes that the spark of talent we saw in the auditions only develops further as the show goes on and achieves deserved recognition and acknowledgement.

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