American Idol Scandals : Controversial and Shocking!!!

Frenchie Davis
Frenchie Davis

In the realm of American Idol, when they say, “Nobody’s perfect,” they probably are right. Even the most impressive and talented finalists have had their share of controversies over the past seasons.

Sure, they did wow the most discerning of judges or became crowd favorites because of their talent at some point in time, but their shocking controversies are perhaps their most talked about aspects. Mentioned here are some that you might have already heard of:

It was in Season 2 when the very first disqualified finalist emerged. Corey Clark, an R&B vocalist from California, was taken out of the contest because of an uncovered criminal record.

The previous year, in 2002, Clark was arrested and charged with misdemeanor during a reported commotion in their Kansas home.

Because American Idol rules stipulate that criminal records are a no-no, Clark was out. In addition to that, Clark shocked the public even more claiming that he and judge Paula Abdul were having an intimate relationship, while he was still in the contest.

Later on, Abdul was cleared off these allegations.

David Hernandez : A Stripper?
David Hernandez : A Stripper?

Also in this second season, a semi-finalist named Frenchie Davis was taken out of the competition and was disallowed to continue because American Idol management got hold of topless internet photos of the contestant when she was just a teenager. Davis openly admitted that it was she that appeared in the adult website, and accepted her removal from the AI ranks.

In Season 7, finalist David Hernandez, after being eliminated at 12th place, was reported to have worked as a male stripper in Phoenix, Arizona.

The owner of the night club where Hernandez used to perform told the press and also showed nude pictures of the young singer. It was said the nudity and lap dances were among the job requirements.

Despite these surprising revelations, American Idol continues to thrive and gather an even bigger fan base around the world.

It just comes to show that even the most talented singers are only human, and even the dirtiest of secrets have their ways of coming out.

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