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Sam Milby and Bea Alonzo Tandem Reunites


Sam Milby and Bea Alonzo fans will be excited as they will be reuniting as a love team through “Your Song Presents: Someone To Love”. The short tv series will be start on September 27 after ASAP 09. Bea portrays a rich woman who has Sam as his wannabe boss. Bea is some sort of a ‘Devil-wears-Prada’ kind of boss which is different from the previous roles she has done before.

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Rivermaya Belongs to Lizza Nakpil


Rivermaya has undergone changes in the band’s line-up over the years. Bamboo, Nathan Azarcon and Rico Blanco were the first ones to leave the band but have made names for themselves with their respective new bands. The only original member in the current line up is Mark Escueta, the drummer. He applied for the intellectual property rights of Rivermaya under his own name but it was denied because apparently, Lizza Nakpil owns the name of the band. Former Rivermaya manager and creator, formed the band together with business partner Chito Rono back in 1993. Lizza reiterates that anything that the current Rivermaya has done without her consent will constitute a violation of law and those who have violated will be subject to legal action.

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Cristine Reyes Stranded in Roof For 12 Hours

The typhoon “Ondoy” has made Metro Manila and other provinces in Luzon and Visayas experience flash floods. The Cainta and Marikina area were really affected with floods higher than 15 feet. Cristine Reyes was one of the victims of this terrible disaster. She was already calling for help in the afternoon through different television shows such as Startalk, 24 Oras and Jessica Soho Reports. Her sister, Ara Mina, was so worried. Cristine Reyes was stuck in her rooftop for more thatn 12 hours. She lives in Provident Village in Marikina together with her mom and nephews. As of this moment, she has already been rescued. Ruffa Gutierrez tweeted that she’s was already saved by her brother Richard Gutierrez using a jetski.

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Pardo’s Atty Suggests Richard Gutierrez To Clarify His Case With His Lawyers

Atty. Firdausi Abbas, legal counsel of Lorayne Pardo, says to media that Richard Gutierrez seem not to understand the case filed against him. When Richard was interviewed by media during the premiere of “The Echo” about the case filed against him, he said that he does not have criminal intentions on the death of his assistant Nomar Pardo and that he will fight it out in the court. Atty Abbas said that criminal intentions is not even the issue here and that negligence happened while he was on the driver’s seat. If he would have  been careful, according to Atty. Abbas, the accident would not have happened. The lawyer felt that it might not have been explained to the young actor.

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Chito Miranda is Not Dead


Last September 22, someone tweeted that “Chito Miranda, the vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar died today.” The username of the person who tweeted that was ‘juanadie’. Twitter is a microblogging website wherein anyone can post tweets.

Chito had already clarified through his manager Richard Tan that it was just a malicious rumor. His reaction was “Wala” and “Nakakatawa”.

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Gawad Urian 2009 Winners

For this year, the independent films dominated Gawad Urian that was held last September 19 at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino at the CCP. The films “Serbis” and “Jay” took home most of the major awards. The highlight of the night was Veteran actor Ronnie Lazaro winning his first Best Actor at the Gawad Urian for his performance in “Yanggaw”. The Best Actress award went to Mylene Dizon for her performance in 100.

 Here are the list of winners:

Best Picture – Serbis
Best Director – Brillante Ma. Mendoza (Serbis)
Best Production Design – Benjamin Padero and Carlo Tabije (Serbis)
Best Cinematography – Odyssey Flores (Serbis)
Best Screenplay – Francis Xavier Pasion (Jay)
Best Editing – Francis X. Pasion, Kats Serraon, Chuck Gutierrez (Jay)
Best Supporting Actor – Coco Martin (Jay)
Best Visayan Digital Film – Hunghong Sa Yuta
Best Short Film – Andong Lifetime Achievement Award – Peque Gallaga

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Star Cinema’s “In My Life” Earned P20 Million On Its First Day

in my life poster

The Star Cinema film “In My Life” which stars Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano and John Lloyd Cruz earned more than P20 million on its very first day of public showing. The film is getting a lot of good reviews from people who have watched it and even the respectable film critics. There were 3 premiere nights held, first was at SM City Lipa in Batangas then the next 2 were held at Trinoma and SM Megamall. The film will also be shown internationally and surely Filipinos working overseas will be watching it.

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Pardo Camp Filed Charges Against Richard Gutierrez

Richard Gutierrez was charged with  reckless imprudence resulting to homicide by the Cavite provincial prosecutor at the Municipal Trial Court in Silang, Cavite. This was due to the death of his assistant Nomar Pardo last May 2009. The charge sheet had the statements: “(Gutierrez), being the driver, in-control and in-chare of a Nissan GT-R sedan… willfully, unlawfully and feloniously manage without due regard to traffic laws… by driving the said motor vehicle at speeds grossly in excess of the limits allowed by law (bumped) a Meralco concrete post and three coconut trees with tremendous impact causing multiple injuries to… Nomar Pardo y Estes which resulted to the latter’s untimely death to the damage and prejudice of his heirs,”

Richard and Nomar were both sent to the hospital because of injuries however Nomar did not survive. Richard worked until 12 midnight but still insisted to drive. The road was slippery but the prosecutors found the reason to believe that Richard neglected the warning to slow down towards the curve.

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Ruffa Gutierrez Show “Rude” Behavior on Her Twitter Followers


Ruffa Gutierrez followers in Twitter were shocked at this kind of behaviour Ruffa showed them. It started with Ruffa tweeting about the ending of the movie “In My Life”. Then some followers of her didn’t appreciate it because obviously, the film wasn’t shown in the cinemas yet. Some felt it was so inconsiderate of her to do that which I believe caused the Twitmob against her. Ruffa received negative reactions through her Twitter and as a retraction, she privately messaged these individuals. Here are some of the screenshots of the direct messages of Ruffa.


One twitpic made me curious because it seemed that it wasn’t Ruffa who was tweeting after all. One direct message said that Ruffa has assistants who tweet in behalf of her. So if that’s the case, probably it was the assistants who revealed the ending of “In My Life”?

twitpic 3

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Kris Bernal Denies Kissing Carlo Aquino

kris bernal

Rumor has it that Kris Bernal was seen at Starbucks Commonwealth at 2 am kissing young actor, Carlo Aquino. According to the “witnesses”, Kris and Carlo are really in a relationship and it’s not true that Kris has a “mutual understanding”  with Aljur Abrenica.  However, during the interview of Kris with, she denies being the girlfriend of Carlo. She said that they’re really friends eversince they’ve worked together in a project. They have been to that Starbucks branch being referred to but it was already a long time ago.

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Korina Sanchez Offended at ABS-CBN Broadcaster’s Facebook Statuses

When you don’t like something, why not shout it to the whole world? Well, this is what ABS-CBN broadcaster, RG Cruz did when he ‘shouted out’ his “attacks” on someone as reported in The Facebook stasuses of RG were referring to “First Lady wannabe … who would eventually be a bad spouse” and a “queen in her head without a crown.”

Korina Sanchez felt that the those statements were personally attacking her. She even wrote a letter to ABS-CBN management.

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The Dawn, New Album and New Guitarist


The longest-running Pinoy rock band, The Dawn, has a new album and a new guitarist. Their new album is entitled “Sound The Alarm” and was just launched last Sept 11 at the Eastwood Central Plaza. It contains 10 tracks and their current single is “Avenida”.

Aside from the new album, they also have a new guitarist who is Kenneth Ilagan. He replaced Francis Reyes who has been in the band since Teddy Diaz passed away in 1989. There are rumors that Francis and drummer JB Leonor had a fight which also involves Francis’s wife, Nina. According to some sources, Francis asked for a month’s vacation but management did not agree to it. Then JB allegedly spread the rumor that Francis had already left the band when Francis did not even resign.

There are only 2 members who are from the original line up of The Dawn left who is Jett Pangan (vocalist) and JB Leonor (drummer). Ex-Eraserheads bassist Buddy Zabala joined the band in 2005.

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Dionne Warwick to Perform at the Big Dome


One of the legends in the R&B genre, Dionne Warwick, will be performing at the Araneta Coliseum on October 2, 2009. She will be sharing the stage with one of our own R&B artists, Jay-R. The concert will be entitled “A Memorable Evening With Dionne”. Dionne Will be singing her hits like “Say A Little Prayer”, “Walk on By”, “Don’t Make Me Over” and many others.

Tickets are available through Ticketnet and at the Araneta Coliseum Box Office.

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Lake Tahoe Police Officials Cut Wowowee Short

Wowowee had its US tour in Lake Tahoe, Nevada last week. To make things festive, there was a 30-minute fireworks display which made became the cause of cutting the show short. The Lake Tahoe Police demanded to stop the show because it might endanger the audience.

Willie Revillame, host of the show, understood the decision of Lake Tahoe Police. He knows that it’s their duty to protect the people. He believes that there was a miscommunication since they were not informed by the organizers that pyrotechnics were prohibited.

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