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Ruffa Gutierrez Cried Because of Yilmaz


While taping for Ruffa and Ai, Ruffa was observed to have been teary-eyed when she came back to face the camera. She was seen at the backstage talking to an unidentified person and was crying. Ruffa said that she was sick and had some allergies that’s why she was teary-eyed but she admitted through her show, The Buzz, that she was crying because of her former husband Yilmaz Bektas.

Actually, her kids were asking when they will see their dad again. Venice’s , Ruffa’s daughter, birthday is coming up and she wouldn’t want to promise anything to her kids because she does not know when he will visit him. Ruffa wants to keep family issues in private and would prefer not to tell the public about it.

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Nadia Montenegro Won’t Interfere in Her Daughter’s Career


Nadia Montenegro’s daughter, Inah Asistio, was part of Richard Poon and Sam Milby’s concert last Saturday at the Metro Bar. Inah is also considering to enter show businessness but according to Nadia, her daughter’s passion is really singing.

As of this moment, Annabelle Rama manages Inah’s career. Nadia feels that she can’t manage her daughter’s career.

In terms of her political career,  she said that she won’t run again because of her experience in the previous elections in Caloocan where she lost.

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Ara Mina Caught Playing Poker with Manny Pacquiao?


It seems that Ara Mina being linked to Manny Pacquiao would just not end. It was rumoured that the 2 were seen playing poker in a posh hotel in Malate, Manila.

Ara Mina’s publicist, Chuck Gomez, said that Ara Mina is tired of this never-ending rumors about them. Ara Mina currently has a non-showbiz boyfriend and she’s afraid that with this rumors, the respect her boyfriend and his family gives her will be gone.

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Real Life Sisters Gretchen and Claudine Barretto on a Teleserye Soon


Gretchen Barretto revealed that she will be taping a teleserye with her sister Claudine Barretto soon which will air in ABS-CBN. Their leading men will be Christopher de Leon and Derek Ramsey. Gretchen is excited about this project because this is her first time working with Claudine in a full-length teleserye and also it’s her first time to work with Christopher de Leon. The teleserye will probably air by November 2009.

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Ely Buendia Denies Writing Softdrink Article in Philippine Star

In an article entitled “Singing Out Loud To Rock Impossibilities” published by the Philippine Star last August 21, it was named that Ely Buendia himself wrote the article. Ely Buendia expressed his rage against this ghostwriter through the Pupil Forum. He said that “that article, part of an ongoing soft drink campaign, was heartfelt, hard-sell, hubristic, and humorless.” It was far cry from Ely’s writing as I was able to read the actual article last August 21.

According to Ely, “despite this unpleasant episode I still have a very healthy and respectful relationship with the soft drink brand for which the article was commissioned.”

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Noel Gallagher Leaves His Band Oasis


Noel Gallagher, lead guitarist of British band Oasis, left the band recently after having having a fight with his brother Liam Gallagher who is the vocalist of the band. The incident happened in the backstage before their gig in Paris.

Noel said through the Oasis official website: “It’s with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight … I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer”. Someone who was at the actual gig tweeted that she saw Noel smashed Liam’s guitar, indication that Noel was really mad at his brother.

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F Girls to Reunite on Sept. 27

f girls

The F Girls Angel Aquino, Daphne Osena-Paez and Cher Calvin will have a reunion episode on Sept. 27. It has been 10 years since the show started with the three hosts then Cher Calvin moved to Los Angeles to accept her new job as a new anchor for KTLA. She won an Emmy Award for Best Newscast.

And now that Cher Calvin is back in the Philippines, they have decided to do a special reunion episode during the Sunday’s Best at ABS-CBN.

The lifestyle show F was with ABS-CBN and then transferred to Studio 23. The show got cancelled and the remaining hosts went on doing work separately. Daphne Osena-Paez produced her own show called Urban Zone while Angel Aquino has a show called Us Girls which was patterned with their old show F.

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Robin Padilla is the First Celebrity Cover Boy of FHM


For the first time, FHM made Robin Padilla their first celebrity cover boy for their September 2009 issue. They actually called the issue “FHM collection” because this will be a back to back cover with Christine Reyes.

When Robin was approached by FHM, he was surprised to know that it was FHM. He thought that he will be asked to pose nude. Robin has a very different image for the magazine. He’s not wearing his usual leather jacket and bad boy look, in fact, he wore suits that made him look very gentleman.

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Sugarfree’s 10th Year Anniversary Held at Music Museum


The band that brought us melodramatic lyrics and melodies, Sugarfree, has recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary as a band through their 2-night concert at the Music Museum called Dekada. Fans and supporters of the band watched the concert as they performed their hits throughout the years such as “Telepono”, “Hari ng Sablay”, “Burnout”, “Makita Kang Muli”, “Huwag Ka ng Umiyak” and many others. They were accompanied by the Manila Symphony Orchestra which brought more drama to their performance. Yours truly watched the first night of the concert (August 28, Friday) and it was a different way of seeing the band aside from their usual bar gigs. The band wanted to have a more intimate approach and I believe that they were able to achieve that.

Sugarfree has just released a new album entitled “Mornings and Airports” and is already available through major record stores.

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Klaudia Koronel Now Married to a Chinese-American IT Businessman

klaudia and andy

Former sexy acress Klaudia Koronel finally just recently married Andy Zhang, her Chinese-American fiancee. The wedding happened last August 26, Friday, at the Iglesia ni Cristo Temple in Quezon City. The couple met online because of their interests, Klaudia was a computer science graduate and Andy was an IT Consultant/Businessman.

The reception was held at the Fernwood Gardens which was attended by their family and friends. Their honeymoon is on hold because Andy has to go abroad for business meetings.

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Amalia Fuentes Files Concubinage Charges Against Former Husband and Mistress


Actress Amalia Fuentes files concubinage chargest against her former husband Jay Stevens and his alleged mistress Angelica Aznar-Sierra. Amalia separated with former husband 2 years ago because of the “other woman”. But last August 26, her son, was accused of libel by Angelica Aznar-Sierra but then posted a 10,000 pesos bail. The “other woman” is said to be harassing Amalia’s son and because of this, she was motivated to finally file concubinage case against the two.

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Coconut Farmers: Lani Mercado, Resign!


Lani Mercado was appointed as one of the board members of San Miguel Corporation a few weeks ago but it seems that her appointment faces controversy.  Coconut farmers all over the country, who are members of a Non-Government Organization called Centro Saka, were actually disappointed about this appointment because they feel that Lani is not fit to become one. These coconut farmers are aiming to reclaim their rights from San Miguel Corporation and they feel that this public appointment of Lani is a “mockery” of their almost 2 decades crusade against the multinational corporation. According to them, Lani Mercado and even other individuals that are being appointed by Philippine presidents, do not know the plight of the coconut farmers in SMC. They also think that this issue is bigger than Lani Mercado and that she is being used by someone such as Danding Cojuangco who would like to control San Miguel Corporation again.

These coconut farmers are requesting for Lani Mercado’s resignation to be able to see the real issue.

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John Lloyd Still Likes Kissing Women After Kissing Luis Manzano

john lloyd

The new Star Cinema film, In My Life, which stars John Lloyd Cruz, Luis Manzano and Vilma Santos is being talked about nowadays because of its gay theme.

John Lloyd Cruz portrays a “straight” acting gay man who has Luis Manzano as a boyfriend. Vilma Santos portrays Luis Manzano’s mother who went to the US and lived with them. The story revolves around the three characters. To make John Lloyd and Luis’s relationship more realistic, they have to do intimate scenes together. Well, they don’t have an actual kissing scene, John Lloyd said that it was an “intimate scene”. But after kissing Luis Manzano, John Lloyd still prefers to kiss women than men. He’s still “straight” and prefers to be that way. He doesn’t have any issues with gays but for him, it was a character he had to do. Portraying a gay character is not actually very challenging for him but the fact that he’s acting with Vilma Santos.

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Aquino Family Prefers Piolo Pascual To Portray Ninoy in Star Cinema Biopic


After the death of former president Corazon Aquino, there are already film outfits pitching the idea of having a bio pic about her. Star Cinema was the most vocal about this biopic and have thought of Vilma Santos to portray the role of the former president but who will portray Ninoy?

Last Sunday during the showbiz talk show, The Buzz, Cesar Montano expressed his intentions to portray the role of Ninoy Aquino however Kris admittted that he preferred Piolo Pascual to portray her father. She said that Cesar Montano pitched the idea of the biopic last 2006 but suddenly the perseverance to continue the project faded away probably because of Cesar ran for the senatorial race last 2006. After that, according to Kris, he did not maintain any form of communication with her mom.

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