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10 facts about Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub

Facts about Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub

Even if you’re not an avid fan of the Kalyeserye series of noontime show Eat Bulaga!, you must have heard of the sensational #AlDub that’s been going around for a while now. It’s in the social media, it’s in the news, it’s the topic of almost every high schoolers’ casual talk, and it’s even discussed from time to time in broadcasting classes in universities. The romantic comedy Kalyeserye is brought to life by the duo Alden Richards, and the YouTube sensation Maine Mendoza.

Maine Mendoza
Maine Mendoza

In this topic, we have listed down 10 facts about one of the most-talked-of sweethearts of the time, and the pulse of the Kalyeserye series, Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub. Get your pens and get ready to scratch out the facts you already know, or take note of the ones you don’t yet. Here we go:

1. Yaya Dub’s real name is Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza.

Maine was born on March 3, 1995 in Santa Maria, Bulacan. Her parents are Mary Ann and Teodoro Mendoza, and is the fourth child among their two sons and three daughters. Interestingly, all the Mendoza siblings’ names start with “Nico”!

Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub
Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub

2. She graduated in De La Salle University – College of St. Benilde.

Yaya Dub took Culinary Arts in DLSU College of St. Benilde, and also went to the United States for her internship. In line with this…

3. She’s also a foodie.

Maine is a foodie, which goes well with her Culinary Arts course. Don’t get her wrong, though. Maine is not just after the fancy food that culinary students prepare and serve. She actually also loves street food as well , especially isaw!

Yaya Dub is a Foodie
Yaya Dub is a Foodie

4. Maine is single.

… and she has only had one boyfriend, her high school sweetheart. Their relationship lasted for five strong years.

5. The wacky Yaya Dub is actually shy in real life.

Yaya Dub’s wacky TV personality contradicts Maine’s timid real-life demeanor. A video aired during the concert Tamang Panahon showed Maine’s parents narrating how their daughter is actually quiet in real life, contrary to her boisterous TV personality.

“Medyo tahimik [si Maine] dahil takot siya sa tao.” Mary Ann Mendoza said. Her father, Teodoro agreed to this, and said: “Hindi rin siya nakaka-open ng direkta.”

6. She’s always dreamed of becoming part of the showbiz industry.

Maine had a lot of dreams, even while studying Culinary Arts in university. Aside from dreaming to be a flight attendant, she also wanted to become a celebrity. Dream come true indeed for this 20-year-old sweetheart!

Yaya Dub Throwback Photos
Yaya Dub Throwback Photos

7. Her acting career started when she was discovered online in a video she uploaded on Facebook.

On April 22, 2015, Nicomaine Mendoza had no idea that a single wacky video she uploaded on her Facebook would reach up to over a million views in just a day. Because of this and several other high-rating videos she posted, she was approached by Jenny Ferre, who asked her if she was interested to audition for Eat Bulaga!.

8. If you’re seeing a lot of teenagers wearing ultra-red lipsticks, chances are they’re avid fans of Yaya Dub.

Yaya Dub is known for her ultra-red and dark-colored lipsticks. She has also set this trend, as avid fans of the Kalyeserye series are always on the lookout for her fashion styles.

9. Her popularity is a double-edged sword.

Because of Yaya Dub’s phenomenal success in the showbiz industry, she became one of the most followed Twitter accounts in just a few months. This, however, became disadvantageous at some point, when hacktivist group Anonymous Philippines hacked her Twitter account on November 2015 to promote the annual Million Mask March. Her account was returned to her after less than 24 hours.

10. Maine is a fan of Ed Sheeran, One Republic, and Nicholas Sparks, among others.

In her accounts, Maine said that she liked listening to songs by Ed Sheeran, One Republic, and The Fray. In the same social networking site, she also said that she liked reading Nicholas Sparks novels that gave her “kilig” every time. You’re in luck if you have the same interests as her; you would probably get along very well!

How many of the facts listed above about Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub have you already known beforehand? How many have you learned just now? Do you have trivia or facts about Maine that you may want to contribute? Feel free to comment them below!

Sources: GMA News Network Online, Rappler, LionhearTV

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